How To Carb Cycle | Carb Cycling Success Stories

How to Carb Cycle + Success story

Let’s say you have three low days in there. So you have three low days where you have zero to fifty carbs, and I am talking you have to cut out your sauces, your ice cream and all that type of shit. You really have to be on top of your diet, you have to know what you are eating, why you are eating it, and what your body needs at that time, and so your three low days are a Sunday, Monday and a Tuesday. Low days are zero to fifty carbs. When Wednesday rolls around, and lets say you have three hundred grams of carbs that day, you are really loading, in carb loading you gotta (00.38.8 – inaudible), you make your high day the most intense day of the week, so you can get the full benefit from those carbs. And basically what it does is it replenishes what you lost for those days, and as well, those three days, basically, they are going to be tough. You are going to be dragging ass. Your body’s preferred energy source is carbs. Without those carbs going through your body, if your calorie deficit is lower than what you burn throughout the day, you lose weight, and that is all it is to it. It really is a simple equation. I am not saying it is easy you know, to reduce carbs is extremely tough. Your appetite verses your mind, is a really tough battle. For me it reminds me of why I do have (01.16.3 – inaudible) and I do have video, and I am going to show you guys what I went through, and basically I carb cycled for seventeen days and lost twenty pounds. For me I had fussel. Fat muscle. I had just gotten done training through fourteen months straight. I was working out in the gym, everything felt good, you realize you are that fat puffy guy, you know (01.36.8 – inaudible) fuck no man, it still sucks. You want (01.41.0 – inaudible) shredded.

I was researching different diets out there, different ways that you can weight loss. I looked at how to carb cycle, and this is something that has definitely worked for me. If you do your research online, if you type in carb cycling, even in YouTube, you are going to find all different types of people being like this is bull shit, it doesn’t work, you are going to lose all your muscle mass, and you are not going to be able to have energy, you are not going to be able to function during those six weeks, or however long you carb cycle, and I know people like me, before you (02.08.2 – inaudible) are you willing to put your muscle and carb cycle fr fat loss. One hundred per cent you make goal. This is something you will lose strength. Depending on how harsh you are with this diet, you will lose strength, and when I say harsh, I mean I eat six meals a day throughout this entire diet. I would use egg whites, I would use chicken, I would use no sauces, I would use Mrs Dash. My carbs that I did use, green leafy vegetables and a shit ton of spinage.

They say a high carb day or a cheat day, for me my mind set, I thought about that day, and that day is the day that you get fat, so basically I ended up skipping a lot of those days and I would just have cheat meal, one meal where I would treat myself, I would go out with friends, I would take a chick out for ice cream, so carb cycling is something that can help you guys out. Let me know and I will make a few more videos. I will explain it in depth, and honestly, you know, you will drop five to ten pounds a week, if you implement this into your diet and you don’t cheat, and if you are true to yourself.

If you have any questions or video ideas, feel free to hit me up. I more nutritional cooking, high intensity training and diet videos on the way, and I am trying to get my channel to grow, so I would appreciate it if you would like, comments, subscribe to show your support. Thanks for watching guys and I will see you next time.

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