What Can Local SEO Do For You

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO is a new concept that is really changing the way that local companies do business online.  The object if local SEO is to get rankings for the city’s that you are close to and want to gain business from. Take a major city like Boston for example, if you had a SEO company in Boston you would do some keyword research and find the search terms that would give you the most valuable traffic to your website. I did some research and know that the search term Boston SEO gets about 500 searches per month which may not seem like a huge amount of traffic but considering that this is only for the Boston area and is targeting people that need search engine optimization, that is a considerable amount.

Other Web Properties for Local Rankings

Domination-_Boston_SEOYou can also use your social web properties to get rankings in Google such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter and many other web properties.  These websites can rank very quickly compared to your website and can stabilize your rankings fluctuations because these web properties have a large amount of authority in Google’s eyes. Tis means that you can have multiple first page listings for the same search term which not only gets you noticed more but it also pushes your competitors off of the first page.

Rankings With Video

You can also get rankings with a YouTube video that will really get your potential customers attention. This can be used for many rankings in local and national search terms. I recently optimized a video for a national search term for transvaginal mesh lawsuit settlements which is a class action lawsuit against mesh manufacturers for faulty mesh equipment. Local SEO Boston is using videos to get rankings for their Boston SEO video which is quickly gaining rankings in the Google search results.  A Boston web design company can make a great looking website but most likely they will not be able to get you the traffic that you want to your website after its been built. Just like they are experts at web design trust your rankings with a company that is an expert at ranking websites. If not there can be irreversible damage done to your website and you will have to start fresh with a new website.

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